Commercial Building Trends For 2018: Going Modular

What’s the best way to ensure a project’s success? As it turns out, project managers everywhere may rejoice. Traditionally speaking, we like to go with reliable, proven and experienced professionals first. We are willing to invest the money in the experienced electricians because they get the job right the first, without wasting a lot of materials. In the long run, they cost less than bringing an inexperienced team in whose work will bring fines from the inspector, and ire from the client who has to pay to re-do that work.

We love the concept of expert teams who provide modular building parts that are built offsite and brought into the scene. The main reason is that they are experts, and they will guarantee their work. It is how they do business, and they are well-known in the construction industry. It keeps us on budget because we know how much their units cost.

We are well into the world of energy-saving buildings. We are increasingly seeing LEED certified building as the norm, not the exception. That means that companies are investing in saving money and energy over the long-term when we are building these days.

Discovering Commercial Building Trends For 2018

Sometimes the best thing you can do for your commercial business is to figure out what the trends are around you. One of these important trends is building, something that every business needs to do. This is especially important if you want your company to seem like they are environmentally connected or care about the community around them.

The two biggest trends for 2018 are local sourcing, and green alternatives, which combined make for modern designs with personalized touches. These trends help your business seem at home, even when you are going into a new, and much smaller area than you would traditionally think of working within. Instead of struggling to find a big builder, you choose a local crew with skills, and use a large scale pattern, tweaking it to fit your needs. We are finding a lot of commercial building owners investing in emergency backup generators, which switch on when the power goes out. With an overload on the electrical grid, we see this is a smart backup plan.

Pre-fabrication is one of the most interesting options available, and one that has been going viral as well. After all, many people want to live in a “hobbit house” or something similar, but most people aren’t going to have the money needed to fund their dreams. Putting in a development of these homes allows you to fill an obscure need, while still ensuring that you will successful in the end.