Find Commercial Building Trends for the Year 2016

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Maybe you invest in real estate and want to branch out in your investments. Currently, there are many exciting opportunities in commercial buildings. The trends are leaning more towards student housing but even building commercially zoned properties in big cities is a good investment.

If you decide to invest in a commercially zoned property, be aware that there are many franchises that will be willing to rent from you. If you are lucky, you can sometimes even ask a franchise to give you some of the gross earnings from a particular property.

For example, if you invest in a commercial building and lease it to a major chain restaurant in a college town, you might be able to have this successful restaurant share some of its gross earnings with you. If you lease a hamburger or pizza fast food business your commercial property near a college, this may mean significant extra earnings.

When looking for ideal opportunities, pay careful attention to the work being done in and around colleges and universities. Bear in mind that technology and jobs surrounding it are popular in cities like Austin, TX located away from the coastal US regions.