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Hello and thanks for stopping. My name is Dave and I’m a student at University of Arizona, studying architecture. I have been looking around in the market, and I have wanted to see the solutions that are present when it comes to commercial buildings. Some were good, and others have not been as satisfying.

I have started to notice trends over time that have stood out, and I think will become stuck in after a while. These commercial building trends for 2016 have been fascinating because they are unique. I think the first trend is the fact property prices are going up while a number of properties is rising too. This is rare and is often a sign the market is booming, and anything will work in the market. This is the best time to get in.

I have also noticed how people are looking at renting more than going out and buying even though the market is ready to take on more owners. This might have to do with a slight apprehension of how the market is going to be in the future, but it is a trend nonetheless.

Among all of the commercial building trends for 2016 I think it is these ones that stand out and provide great results now and in the future for those who pay attention.

Trying to keep up with the trends is hard. My Dad is the owner of a company that helps construct commercial buildings. As a result, he is always heading to seminars, reading publications and joining forums so that he can keep up with all of the things that are going on in the industry. It seems like he is so far behind even though he is always working around the clock to stay on top of the trends. I am a bit worried about it because it seems like he is always stressed out trying to stay ahead of the game.

The main problem is the fact that several other companies have come to the area and the people who run them are a bit younger. My Dad has been in business since the 1990s, but this means nothing when it comes to staying on top of what is hot for 2016. He is planning to retire in 10 years or so, which is why I am not sure why he is really trying as hard as he is to stay current with everything. It seems like he will be gone by the time he gets a firm grasp on all of the things he should.